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Monday, July 24, 2006

July 24 - NABAZTAG

A weird little rabbit, that could quite happily sit their on your desktop doing absolutely nothing. But that would be a waste of it's superb built in Wi-Fi receiver. Once set up, you can log onto to the NABAZTAG website and do all kinds of things, from music sharing, to it's very own messaging system, but perhaps best, and most useless of all is the Parisian traffic report. Being a French rabbit, it sometimes has trouble speaking English and quite often spits out French at you when you least expect it. We're not quite sure why anyone would really spend £80 on this from, when you could do so much else with that money, but nevertheless, an interesting piece of kit.

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Anonymous Yasmine said...

hello, I'm in charge of editorial for Nabaztag, and wanted to congratulate your wits and initiatives. However, Nabaztag can do much more than you claim, because of its open API and also in a few weeks, it's in process will offer London traffic too. He speaks fluent english and fairly soon spanish and much more to come.
Good day.

11:28 am, July 25, 2006  
Blogger Delta said...

Regarding information sent to us by Violet (the manufacturer behind NABAZTAG), we have decided to increase it's rating from 3 stars, to 4.

4:02 pm, July 25, 2006  

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