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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

July 25 - NABAZTAG Back

After being contacted by a staff worker at NABAZTAG, and being told some of the extent of the built-in Open Application Programming Interface that they use, we have decided to upgrade the NABAZTAG's rating to 4 stars. We feel this is nesscesary due to the upcoming features that they have promised us, these include London traffic reports and full RSS support, fluent English, French and Spanish aswell. This wasn't all, but we'll let you discover the rest for yourself! It should be made very obvious when it comes out.Now that's £80 well spent, assuming the promised features appear.

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Anonymous Yasmine said...

Thank you for you rating Delta and your work, we have decided to post about your blog talking about Nabaztag on our Nabazta(blo)g. The french note is posted, and the english one, in a moment. Keep up the good work, it is very refreshing to see young men transmitting informations thouroughly, you have a great future ahead of you.

1:48 pm, July 26, 2006  
Blogger Delta said...

Theanks Yasmine! And to all of you other guys over at NABAZTAG who work so hard. We're not going to be re-rating your rating again because you guys are so nice, but all of us over at UKTToday just wanted to say a big THANKYOU! WE might write again about NABAZTAG as soon as some more new features pop-up that interest us!

Best wishes,

9:48 pm, July 26, 2006  

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