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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

July 25 - Xbox 360 Premium

In the Premium bundle of the Xbox 360, you get the System, a pre-installed 20GB HDD, a wireless controller, an Xbox 360 sticker, an Ethernet cable for attaching the X360 to your home network, an HD-AV cable, which is optimized for both HD use and regular TV use, progressive scan DVD playback, the abiltity to stream music from your PSP and IPod through your TV and the chance to connect your system to your Media Center PC.

But of course, you already knew that. I'm here to tell you what the reviews don't say. Unlinke the original Xbox, the X360 can't be hacked to run Linux. But all that should change with any luck within the next year if the hackers keep at it. So in other words you have a IBM 3.2GHZ Triple Core system, 512MB or RAM, with a customized ATI graphics card, running a full version of Linux. In other words, a high end, operating system wielding computer for just £275 from with free delivery. There's no doubt about it that once you've played an Xbox 360, you can't go back to an old Xbox, let alone a PS2! The system is phenomenal, the gameplay is mindblowing and when you first get it, you just sit their, staring in wonder at it's beautiful design. Seriously. It looks as good as it sounds. It plays better than it sounds. The menus are easy to navigate, and for once, Microsoft's Error messages are helpful, and don't just tell you that there's a fatal error with your system.

I'll be reviewing some of the games in the next few updates, so look out!

In the U.S. Dell is selling the core system for just under £190 our money ($350) yet in the U.K. it costs £210. Unfair global marketing once again.

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