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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Site News - We're famous! (English)

Hello! It's me again! Anyway. As you probably know, a few days back, NABAZTAG wrote a review about my blog, and mentioned me as a 'brilliant, young journalist'. Unfortunately, it was in French. But don't worry! They've posted an English version just for you guys! Check it out here.

Or alternatively, you can read it below.

Summertime is here and Nabaztag is far from having the opportunity to slack off cause there is a buzzing sound in his ears. It's no surprise, since he was born, that there is he's been mentioned nearly 1,000,000 times in English alone! Apparently Nabaztag appeals to all kinds of people, and he is very proud to interest the curious and inventive young generation. We had already shown, here, a young publicists video of her favourite wi-fi pet, this time, we wanted to congratulate Delta's work, a very young and brilliant journalist (check out his resume) from England, passionated with emerging technologies, whom cumulates many talents. And on his blog he has celebrated and recelebrated our celebrated Rabbit, which took the opportunity to whisper to Klopick's ears a few informations' modifications and news about future services to which Delta reacted by upgrading Nabaztag's rating to four stars ! Nabaztag loves that and mostly to awake young adults imagination.

Sorry for all of the bad grammer in that review above, but for once, it wasn't my fault! I get to blame Yasmine, the editor at NABAZTAG for that one, or at least whoever else wrote that article! I'm enjoing my first ever experience of blogger and am going to keep updating the site. I'm on my summer holidays at the moment and have more time than usual to blog, than I would otherwise.


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