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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Site News - We're famous!

We're on the NABAZTAG website. Click here to see for yourself! We can't quite understand what they've written, but running it through a translation program yielded the following:

Eh yes Nabaztag is again to the very page when it is at the beach. Since his birth more of a million sites quoted it! The Nabaztag that you see here is called Klopik, it seems perfectly on vacation by the sea of the Caraottes and you can send to him postal cards. This is the summer period, the canicule to Paris, and one would not know to reproach for him to have wanted to put itself to the blue one! After all, nothing prevent the beach where it tans to be connected in Wifi, in the measure where the network pervasif is well able to spread its waves to the edge of the wave, since it already approaches Brittany coasts. But, NabaStar to the end of the ears, Nabaztag does to talk about him, even during the vacation, not still in the section People, but in the section high-tech. Thus, the compilation of Hightechavenue chose to put in epigraph the exploits of our rabbit topless! During those times, while awaiting the winter to be able at last rechausser their skiings, the bosses of (specialized site in the slips in mountain) disposeed on their office a curious snow rabbit that does not melt, despite the canicule, but... that does to melt all a curious youth and talentueuse. We had presented you a mischievous publicist in grass entichée of an insolent Nabaztag. Here now Delta, future journalist, that, top of its twelve springs, famous and recélèbre it famous rabbit a little mutt, that not some complains. One claims even that to the reading of the first Delta item, a Nabaztag blew for him that it had forgotten to enunciate someone of its possibilities. Suddenly, Delta, decided of him to grant a star of more! Nabastar loves that!

We're not sure what to make of it, but it refers to us nevertheless. I hope it translated right, and there wasn't anything in there asking us to have added a copyright note for the image, but anyway. Who's complaining?


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