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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

August 23 - Domain Domination

Over 65% of domain names are hosted in the USA, Germany comes in second, but only just, and has 12 times less registered domains than the US. Canada is in third place, and the UK scraped fourth place with only just 3% of the global total claimed the report, published by IPwalk. Here's what the figures looked like:

United States, 67.23 per cent (52,277,677)
Germany, 5.71 per cent (4,442,041)
Canada, 3.60 per cent (2,802,411)
United Kingdom, 3.37 per cent (2,617,679)
China, 3.22 per cent (2,503,430)
The rest combined, 16.86 per cent (13,111,810)

The winner is obvious, things won't change for a while, but their's hope.

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