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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

August 23 - Xbox 360 under £200

The Xbox 360 Core System has had it's price slashed by £10 in major retailers such as, Dabs, Amazon and several other trusted retailers bringing it's cost down to £199. Microsoft claims they have had nothing to do with the price drop, and that it is merely the individual companies waring with each other for customers. This is quite likely, but the Xbox 360 Premium System (with accessories) is still proving to be the top hit, and is remaining solid at it's £279.99 price tag everywhere other than, which sells it at £269.99. When I bought my premium system a few months back, I got mine from Dabs. They have pricey shipping, but it's good quality, and on British bank holiday weekends, they usually offer free shipping on orders over £250. Of course rather conveniently, there's a bank holiday coming up this week. They'll be looking forward to a sales boom I expect.

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