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Sunday, August 27, 2006

August 27 - iPod Bomb

The blogger post thing still hasn't been fixed. I sent in an error report to Blogger Tech support, and got this. 'Have you checked our page? It has all of our recently fixed bugs listed there, and one's we're working one.' They think I didn't know that? I don't know, but that was stupid advice anyway. The problem is one of their so called 'fixed bugs'. I'm also having to deal with another one of their 'fixed bugs' too. This one is to do with the 'Publishing your site' percentage gauge constantly staying on zero. I have just one thing to say. Stay away from Blogger Support at all costs. They're hopeless. Another reason I should move to Wordpress, but can't yet.

The article itself. Sorry! It has been revealed that the 'mysterious and possibly threatening device' found from incide a blocked loo on an areoplane flight to Canada, was indeed an IPod. The passenger who dropped the iPod into the toilet was faced with sniffer dogs, a full body search and special treatment from anti-terrorism officers, bomb squad investigators and boring old airport security. Procedures to land the plane had already been called for, as well as the police and the bomb squad. The entire flight was evacuated, and the moron who left the iPod in the loo was taken into custody, handcuffed and taken to a room.

When asked why he was on the plane, he answered, " I was to visit a friend I met on World of Warcraft, Cara." He then had to explain the idea of an MMORPG and a guild to security, so that it wouldn't be misunderstood as a terrorist threat. No doubt that Cara was impressed. To view a post made by the person who caused the whole problem, click on the links below. I can't send links through the e-mail, as HTML is blocked, so the URL will have to do.


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