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Sunday, August 27, 2006

August 27 - Money Makin' Mac

Well this is a great way to squeeze money out of gamers, that is, gamers who are still playing on Macs. This is increasingly rare nowadays, what with Conroe only available on Windows and the same going for the Graphics industry. But for players who are still using Mac, if they're using the new Intel versions and have the original Halo game, they can get a 'Performance Enhancer' here.

While we're on the topic of Conroes and Macs, I thought I ought to point out that there is alot of speculation on whether Intel are gearing up to ship a new range of Macs with their new processor. This all started when Intel Macs were stopped being supplied to many manufacturers last week. All of the manufacturers set a 'back-in-stock' date of September 14, give or take a few days. This is almost identical to what happened last time Intel started shipping their new processors in Macs, therfore speculation is rife, and both Intel and Apple are enjoying some extra media attention, not as if they need any more however.

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