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Sunday, August 27, 2006

August 27 - The pink hasn't stopped

I was blissfully unaware that Nintendo had set a launch-date for a Nintendo Lite Pink special edition. I would have prefered it if it had stayed that way, but some pink loving reader sent in news telling me. The unit itself is identical to the current white model available already, and an onyx model is due to launch with the pink on September 13.

I'd like to say that if anybody dares alert me to any 'pink' technology news that I may have conveniently missed during the past few weeks, please stop. My inbox has been flooded with people finding the whole the thing very funny. But the joke is over now. It's just becoming spam. I've installed a filter in my GMail account, which does actually now class anything with the word 'pink' in it as spam. I wasn't joking!


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