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Monday, August 28, 2006

August 28 - Guy Goma Movie

Remember that guy? You know the one. Guy Goma? The Guy who was on BBC by accident and all of a sudden became internationally famous? Yes, I take it you do, as I can hear your laughter from here. Reoprts are just in that Guy Goma has signed a six-figure deal with Alison Rosenzweig, to star in a new film she's directing. On the official website, they said 'Alison Rosenzweig plans to produce a film based on the life of Goma. Alison first contacted Goma through Mark Wrafter who runs the website. Spokesman Kizzi Nkwocha said: "We have had extensive talks with Alison about the movie and everyone is very excited.' At Globa-Tech, we've requested an interview with Guy Goma, and are still awaiting a descision. We'll edit this post when we get an answer, whether it be what we want ot not.

UPDATE: The request for an interview has been forwarded to Guy Goma's publicist (Yep! He has one now!), Kizzi.

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