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Monday, August 28, 2006

August 28 - Post Expression

We were contacted earlier today by the owner of a website which has been hot on the headlines recently. Apparently, he'd read our blog, and enjoyed it and thought that we might be interested in his new service, and we certainly were! Read the document he sent us below. I can't deny that I was intrigued. I might actually set up an e-mail to post after my death.

A new web service has been launched to allow communication after death.

Post Expression facilitates the creation and storage of multimedia messages that can be sent by e-mail to friends, family and online acquaintances after the creator has passed away. The site is now live and accessible at

The new online service gives an opportunity to communicate final words of encouragement, confession and love; or private information that may get lost upon death. Already over 350 messages have been created.

Created by internet entrepreneurs Mark Wrafter and Ian Dodson, the site allows users to create as many messages as they wish, to as many groups of friends or individuals as they want, and then have these messages dispatched up to three years after death.

The thought of receiving messages from the grave has grabbed the imagination of thousands of web users around the world, with users from the US to Japan already signed-up and using the service.

Wrafter says: "People with dangerous professions such as the armed forces, racecar drivers and emergency workers will find it useful, so too the terminally ill, and anyone who realizes that death might strike at any moment.”

Users might send one email to a group of 20+ friends; or an audio clip to a loving spouse; or perhaps send a video destined to be viewed by his or her children some three years after the user has passed away; a clever user might pass on his Paypal password to a loved one, or her MySpace password so the profile can continue to be maintained. It’s even possible to add your own blog’s e-mail address so you can make a parting post, bringing closure for your readers. The applications are limitless.

An extended feature of the service is one that empowers users to have their messages published publicly on the Post Expression website. Posts can be made anonymously, or with a by-line, the latter meaning their photo appears online, with cause and date of date. Only those who are dead qualify to get their messages published.

“People find it very difficult to sit down and write content like this,” Dodson says, “those who are not close to death find it tough to compose a message to be read by their loved ones after they’ve die – it’s a challenge, but immensely satisfying once you’ve succeeded.”

Messages are released after a keyholder, who has been given a unique username and password by the user, unlocks the messages after the users death. Keyholders cannot change the message content of settings, preserving the wishes of the departed.

I might actually set up an e-mail to post after my death. It would be a nice way of letting you guys know 'Hiya! I've copped it. I won't be updating any more.'

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