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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

August 29 - Vista Pricing Official

Microsoft Canada yesterday let slip all of the price plans for the upcoming Windows Vista operating system. WIth it came the news that Vista probably won't actually be released until the end Q1 2007. The price for the top of the range Vista system, Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Edition is $499 Canadian dollars, which. This works out as just over $450 USDs, which when rounded up to the nearest penny, is £236.99 GBP. The other Vista systems come priced at $270 USDs for Vista Home Premium, $233 USDs for Vista Home Basic and $341 USDs for Vista Business edition. Ultimate Edition, in case the price and the name hadn't given it away, is extremely good. It has the Aero GUI, Gaming Tools, Hardware Monitoring and Tweaking, HD-DVD making, and a whole host of other applications. When I get my new computer (which I'm saving for), I'll be getting the Ultimate Edition. I'll be building my computer myself, so wish me the best of luck! £182.25/£3750

UPDATE: reckon they have the release date! (Reckon!) They've never been good with dates though. We think they may have a bad sense of time. But if they're right, January 30 2007 is my lucky day!


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