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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

August 30 - Chumby

Could Chumby be the next Nabaztag? Nabaztag means Armenian. Chumby means nothing. And that's why we love it! We're still fans of the rabbit, but we think the blob could do even better!

Chumby is a blob. You can squeeze it, throw it, mod it, upgrade it, listen to it, sing with it, curse at it, laugh at it and you can carry it with you around the world. So long as there is a Wi-Fi connection, Chomby can bring you up to speed with the latest news from your favourite sites. (Globa-Tech Today being your favourite, of course!) Chomby can play you podcasts, stream you MP3s from the Internet, anything you feel like really, and just like Nabaztag, it's constantly getting better! We think that they'd look rather cute together, but we don't know what to name their offspring. Nabumby? Anyway. That's not the point. But it would be rather interesting if they clashed or joined together. Both would make some good headlines. But as I said. Back to the point. Chumby makers said, 'What we decided to build was a really low-cost, wireless (Wi-Fi), Internet-connected device that will sit on your bedside table (or in your bathroom, or kitchen, or living room, or maybe even plug into your car somehow...) that could do a lot more than this old clock-radio (or your cell phone, if that's what you use to wake yourself up!)'

We're excited, and you should be too. Especially with the price being similar to Nabaztags own. $150 USD dollars at launch, possibly lower afterwards.

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