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Thursday, August 31, 2006

August 31 - Trying to be too techy?

The UK goverment thought that they'd try to be as cool as us geeks and posted videos on popular internet site YouTube. This is what ArsTechnica had to say about it:

'There comes a moment in the life of every sitcom where a desperately uncool father tries to act hip around his children's friends. The results, disastrous as they always are, should have given the UK government pause as it contemplated its own attempt at hipness—putting some videos on YouTube. The clips were uploaded by the Central Office of Information under the username "publicservice" and dealt with such YouTube-appropriate topics as "transformational government" and "sharing the leadership challenge." While a commendable attempt to get the word out about government plans to "save money by consolidating service departments," the videos didn't impress the Guardian's Charles Arthur. "Bluntly? Six minutes is far too long," he wrote last week. "The videos aren't paced for the youth market that YouTube really hits. If the Cabinet Office does want to see how its videos ought to look, it should offer the raw footage for video mashup artists to work with, and laugh when they mock it, which they will."

Actually, people are already mocking the COI, which was was forced to pull the videos soon after posting them because it turned out not to own the rights for online distribution of the clips.'

I'm back. I found that funny though for some reason. And people think the US government messes stuff up! But turns out the UK is just as bad. I think I'll move to Canada.

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