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Saturday, August 05, 2006

August 5 - PlexEraser

On Thursday, Plextor announced a new external optical drive called PlexEraser that is due to ship in September. Designed with the sole purpose of wiping your DVDs and CDs clean of data and making them unusable. This doesn't generally sound like something the average person would use, and that's why Plextor have designed it with 'Business or corporate customers in mind'. The PlexEraser (or the PX-OE100E) zaps the organic dye layer of the disc, preventing data from being either read or written. It does this in a rather quick 3 minutes, and dual layer discs in 6. And just incase that dopey hungover office worker is about to accidently zap the wrong disc, the inside of the drive is bright orange. The drive also supports 8 and 12 cm discs.

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