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Saturday, August 05, 2006

August 5 - Top 5 Firefox Themes

Every now and again, we look at new Open Source technologies and what their developing community is up to. Today we are looking at Firefox Themes. We've selected a list of themes that we think might really take off, and that have our backing:

1. Noia 2.0 (Great! It can only improve!)
2. Firefox Vista (Temperamental at best, but we can't wait till it's finnished!)
3. Glassier (Needs full icon skinning)
4. Qute Modded (Nice, but needs some tweeking.)
5. Phoenity (Great and colourful, just needs a quick polish off!)

And the Official Top Downloaded 5 in comparison are:

1. Noia 2.0
2. Firefox Vista
3. BlueShift
4. Silver Skin
5. iFox Smooth


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