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Friday, August 25, 2006

Site News - Moving to Wordpress?

After even more deliberation than ever before (Yes... Even more than the name change!), the Globa-Tech Today Team (try saying that 5 times really quickly with mashed potato in your mouth) has decided that, in the best interests of the site, the users, our layout, the ease of filing things under categories, convenience for myself, and many more things, that the Globa-Tech blog will move to a Wordpress hosted address. We will be busy taking all the old posts over there, and filing them under the correct categories and dates. This is a gruelling job as I am sure you can imagine and is not one I would choose to take up, unless I really thought that everyone involved would benefit. This change is not going to be instant, and our blogger hosted blog will always remain here, so dear to our hearts. Well, not really. It was a pain in the backside for me, and I'm much looking forward to Wordpress!

Hoping your all wishing me the best of luck,


EDIT: This is hard. This is boring. This is darn annoying too. It'll be worth it though. At least I hope it will! This even more dull as compiling and filing every article I've ever written into the archives. That tooks hours, and this is going to too. Don't expect the change-over any time soon.

MAJOR UPDATE: Oooooh dear. I won't go into detail, but let's just say that this whole change over is cancelled. No more questions. There were some problems, the layouts weren't what I wanted. You may have many more extra features on wordpress if you have your own private host, but blogger is better otherwise. Until Adsense starts bringing in a decent income, we'll be sticking with blogger. Sorry about all that.


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