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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Site News - Spam Blog

For some unknown reason, Blogger has flagged all of my blogs, (My Hosting Page, My Layout Tester, My Automated E-mail Comment Page and UKTToday) as spam blogs. Teh only blog not effected is The Delta Files. I've been having to type in word verification every time I post for the last week, and this is becoming a real pain. It'd only take Blogger/Google 10 seconds to work out that this isn't a spam blog. I wish they'd just hurry up.

EDIT: 19 minutes (exactly) after posting this, my blog was freed from the clutches of the evil spam verification thingy-ma-bob after a week. Seems it did the trick!

It's also my painful duty to inform you that I am leaving for Lanzarote on Thursday. I won't be able to blog at all for 10 or 11 days while I'm there, but I'll do my best to find an internet café. My best hope is that the hotel I'm staying in will have a decent internet connection which I can tap into. I hope you all have a good summer,



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