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Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11 - 360 Laptop

We were just wondering if anyone had travelled with their Xbox 360 round the world, when this article popped up. Kinda weird, I know! But it's 100% true... The hacking story I'm about to tell, not that. When Ben Heck was first asked 'Can you mod an Xbox 360 into a laptop?' his initial response was 'Can you afford it?' That's usually the snag that gets me, so it's good that Ben gets that outin the open first. From the picture however, you can see that whatever rich freak paid Ben to do this, he clearly got his money's worth. Click here to see Ben's rather amusing conversation with a sales person (It's really good, I mean really!), more pictures, and Ben's walkthrough about how you could never match his l33t modding skills. He truly is number one. Kudos to Ben!


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