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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

September 12 - Showtime Live

The name 'It's Showtime' just reminds me so much of The Incredibles... Maybe a vPod is coming? With the media in place, the music playing, Steve Jobs is set to come on stage any moment. It's exactly 6:00 PM GMT... I'm waiting.

It's over! I think... - John Legend is still playing, but I asume it's over... Must be. I'm starving. Jet lag sucks too. It has finished. That was nice. What a shame that refreshments weren't provided though! I could've done with some. Adjusting to time zones is weird. At least I'm home tomorrow.

I've lost track! Oops... - Earbuds, charger (40% smaller, all iPod compatible), armand, lanyard headphones and new earbuds and other accessories will all be available today works with Nike Plus iPod software. Steve talks about new extra colourful iPod adverts to start showing (explains lack of adverts and shows a TV advert). Completely new remastered Nano.

Tiny affordable shuffle player. 10 million shuffles sold. Man whistles in crowd. 2G Shuffle is now half the size of previous shuffle with new features, even cheaper, 1GB size and metal casing with white click-wheel. (Picture shown, applause. 'Might have to make it bigger here so you can see it' crowd laughs) Wearability in a luminum case with a built-in case. Brings out an iPod shuffle. Crowd claps when Steve announces he has one with him. Then he shows. More clapping. It comes with a dock, USB2, blugs right into Mac or PC. 1 model has a Gig of storage (holds 240 songs and 12 hour battery). Ships in October, priced at $79 with dock and headphones. Taking orders now, shipping in October. So that's the story with the iPods. But as you know, iPods are only part of the story. iPod plus iTunes are the real thing.

iTunes has 88% of current USA market share with 1.5 billion songs downloaded and is number 1 music downloads retailer in every one of the 21 countries it is in. Most significant advancement in any iTunes. (Gives demo) iTunes will provide free cover art for everyone and iTunes 7 will be biggest update yet. NFL gets added to iTunes with $2 a game or $25 for a season pass. Tab stlye music browsing in iTunes 7.

New iPod video screen resolution up from 320x240 to 640x480! (Double size, very nice!) Steve teases crowd... Then announces that movies are being added to iTunes. 75 films already available. Top selling are POTC2: DMC and Cars. Both Disney. Pricing announced. iTunes store renamed! Download manager coming to iTunes and Dolby Surround Sound. Trailers available in iTunes store. Some movies can be pre-oredered today. Usage rights same as expected, just like TV shows from iTunes. Bob Iger, Walt Disney CEO rants aimlessly on. Iger is thrown off by Steve sensing boredom. Unusual sneak peak.

'One last thing... It's a sneak peak of a product that will be announced in Q1 2007'. (I bet it is, I bet it is that vPod! Or is it our so-called iMob? No! Don't tell me it is the MacTower!?!?!) 'iTV. It's a codeword. I know we need to come up with a better name. (It looks like a flatter MacMini) This box will help your flat panel TV comunicate with your computer without messy wires. Video access on iTV is instantaneous. Just like a DVD. UI will be black with large icons and white writing. iTV has no power brick, 802.11, USB2, Ehternet, HDMI Connector, Component Video (RGB), Analogue Audio RCA jacks, Optical audio, Controled with the familiar white remote, Hooks directly to your screen or to your set-top box as another input, or to your receiver. Then, all of a sudden, Steve whips one out! (I was shocked!) It works as-well! Steve does a quick run through of apps available. Steve then opens The Incredibles and starts showing. After all, Bob's motto is 'It's Showtime'. It's looks like HD aswell! At least DVD quality! Not 640x480! Wow... The iTV box works with Windows and Mac so long as iTunes 7 is installed. iTV will be available for $299 in Q1 2007 as afformentioned. (The conference has been going well over an hour now... I'm hungry. There were some restaurants near by.) Steve says that Apple is expanding round the home now, even with Windows users. (I can see Bill Gates freaking out now. First helping FF, now Apple? I can't see that happening.)

Steve announces end to conference and say that none of this would have been possible by artists. Then he introduces Johnny Legend at full-size piano (WTH?) who starts to sing.

6:09 PM - 80GB iPod is announced. (20,000 songs, 40 hours of video playback) Shipping today. Does video and a whole lot more. Steve then goes on to mention that a thinner 2G Nano wil be released. The nano will come in silver, black, green, blue and pink. New headphones for Nano too. Nano will have 24 hour battery life. 52% smaller than original iPod Nano and up to 8GB available. Nano is the most popular MP3 in the world. made out of illuminum. Shows pictures. 30-pin connector, head-phone jack. We're bringing back colours (mild applause). 1G nano had 14-hour battery life. Increased to 24 hours. Instant search and quick scrolling. New headphones included. 8GB model is black. 4GB silver. New records for storage on Nano. $249 for 8GB model. Double storage for same price. New packaging for Nano. 52% less packaging. All new nanos are available today.

6:07 PM - Steve informs the room that 'The iPod Video is now 60% brighter and has up to 4.5 hours of battery life, up from 2 hours. On big model 4 hours to 6 hours. Gapless playback is now in for all iPods (names a few songs) MP3, ACC, etc supported. New software features, instant searching is coming in too so that you can input letters with the wheel, songs, artists, podcasts etc. And a letter display as you're scrolling past the songs/artists can be used when scrolling fast. Now we've shipped a few simple games with iPod but new ones coming. Games available designed for the wheel include Bejeweled, Cubis, Bahjong, Mini Golf, Pac man, Tetris, Texas Hold'em, Vortex, Zuma. (Background video of Bejeweled now lasts at least 40 seconds. Love the in-game sounds. Very nice. Music too). Some of them by Apple, some of them with EA and other partners. Just for iPod. Will work on all 5G ipods, starting today. Games avaiable for $5 from iTunes. So games on the iPod. Most important new feature. Affordable and accesible to even more poeple. Is greeted with aplause.

6:03 PM - Jobs talks about Nike Trainers blah, blah, blah. Selling points. Blah. So now, let's delve deep into the products! New headphones coming... Studying them for 18-months. Studied thousands of ears.

6:02 PM - Steve looks rather excited. Like a man who knows he is about to make billions of dollars. Goes on about Nike shoes sales that are iPod compatable. Tells about 3 types of iPod. Normal, Shuffle and Nano. Says that they're pretty amazing.

6:01 PM - Steve Jobs is on! He looks... old. 'We're going to give you an overview of the iPod and then move onto some other products. We have shipped over 65 million iPods as of June this year, and there are plenty of acccessories. There's a new place you can use your iPod (Background picture of iPod toliet paper dispenser which we mentioned earlier is greeted with a huge laugh) and 70 percent of new cars sold in the USA offer iPod connectivity as an option.'

6:01 PM - 'Ladies and gentlemen. If you could be so kind as to turn off your cellphones, it would be greatly appreciated.' Wow. I was hoping they'd forget. I wanted someone's ringtone to come up blazing as the Windows logging-in sound.


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