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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

September 13 - Wearing Technology

We've seen Lumalive technology which allows you to display messages on you to the world, but a whole new range of Tech clothing is about to hit the shops. Bagir & Eleksen for example have just announced a new suit with in built ElekTex technology which is a machine-washable control for your iPod. This means that you'll be able to switch songs, pump up the volume, or tone it down if you happen to be getting arrested for some reason. Just make sure that the polic officer doesn't mistake you putting your hand inside your suit as drawing a gun, as when tested, they look remarkabley similar. James Bond would be proud. Talking of James Bond, a new t-shirt has just come out (Also tech related, I promise!) featuring the silhouettes of four ladies. Remarkkable, I know. What is remarkable, is that the T-shirt plays the James Bond theme tune, and the ladies change colour with the music. Now how cool is that? Release date and price for the suit, November and $300. The T-shirt will cost $45 and is already available.


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