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Thursday, September 14, 2006

September 14 - Coffee Tech

It's been a while since caffiene has been mentioned here at Globa-Tech Today. Infact, it was yesterday, with our Instant Coffee article. Despite this great piece of kit, we're going to show you how to froth your milk hastle free. Look no further than the Nespresso Aeroccino, for a great cup of Italian style espresso. I've been told it's great, but not being a coffee fan myself (preferring cafeinated mints for all-night gaming sessions), I can't give you my personal opinion. Just pour in the milk, and it does the rest. Pour back out, for creamy, frothy, bubbly milk that your friends will be raving about for days (unless they're still hyped up about the new iPods). Just don't let them know your 'secret method'.

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