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Friday, September 15, 2006

September 15 - Zune Phone

Microsoft announced that a Zune-branded phone was part of its upcoming Zune range. Yesterday, the media was graced with a presspack for the Zune and the launch itself, along with a tonne of information. Since then, it's all been a bit dull. The press emraced it at first and then started ditching it in favour of more iPod articles (us inlcuded!) Well... The iPod is just as good, if not better! It still deserves attention. But the fact that Microsoft is releasing a Zune Phone might be the key to their victory. That is something people have speculated about with Apple for a while, and just the other day, Apple filed a patent for a phone-device. It's possible that they might try and crash the Zune Phone launch in January like they did with the Zune launch the other day. It certainly worked then, I bet that Stevie boy is planning a repeat.

Not much info about the phone is known, except that with it, Microsoft are trying to target a large range of people. Businessmen, music lovers, public transport users, the lot. Music on a phone with Windows Mobile 5? Sounds good to me.

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