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Monday, September 18, 2006

September 18 - Custom TVs

You've been able to get coloured MP3 players, USB drives, CD players, laptops and pretty much everything in the world in varying colours. But when it comes to TVs, the selection of colours has always been lacking. But Sony's new Bravia XBR LCD panels ship with custom bevels which can be bought separately for $300. The colour range includes Arctic White, Pacific Blue, Velvet Black, Scarlet Red and Sienna Brown. The panels themselves, as with the bevels are highly overpriced, but they do look stunning up-close. For a 46-inch TV be prepared to pay $4300 USD. A slightly smaller 40-inch model will still set you back a hefty $3500. This is only justified by the stunning quality of their 1080P display, the look and feel of the TV itself and wide range of ports. Overall a lovely TV, if not a tad overpriced, it certainly compliments your room nicely, whatever the colour. The TV could be classed as a work of art itself. Well done Sony! Highly reccomended.

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