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Monday, September 18, 2006

September 18 - MacTower Interview

Globa-Tech Today is very proud to present you with an exclusive interview. The guest is Jeff Foster. 'Who?' you say? Well, the man who created the MacTower hoax of course! Speaking for the first time since releasing the MacTower article, Jeff Foster told me the follwing.

ME: What first got you interested in the internet?
JEFF: That's a tough question, if only because my memory of that long ago isn't the best. What i do remember is my older sister constantly being on AOL; instant messaging. I remember the "bumbumBING!' every 3 seconds, followed by the "bumBINGdo" shortly after. (those are horrible written descriptions of the sounds, but it's the best i can come up with) Eventually i got interested in exactly what she was doing, and from there i suppose i got addicted.

ME: What was your first website?
JEFF: I think my first site was on a friend's server... (way before the flaming lips thing) which was turned into i believe (which are both long gone.) It was a little before the Blog thing really hit, and i remember it being just some info about me, some photography, etc.

ME: Can you list some websties that you're currently involved in?
JEFF: To be honest, i'd rather not. I feel like i generated like a thousand negative blog-karma points, and i'd rather not have any of the hatred pour out onto innocent bystanders. I'll mention that i'm working with a few local bands and local/national artists, a gallery down in Santa Fe, and a few other things right now.

ME: What is you current job?
JEFF: I'm currently working a handful of small web sites, and working 2 jobs on my college campus. (one of which is with the web department.)

ME: Why did you create the MacTower hoax?
JEFF: I've been thinking about the possibility of such a maching (macTower) ever since Apple released the MacPro, and decided i'd try my hand at starting an apple rumor. I was curious to see how people would react (to the idea, not so much the rumor) and i was sort of hoping i could get at least a few people excited about the prospect of a machine like that.

ME: Did you think that you'd get the publicity you did from Engadget?
JEFF: I wasn't really that surprised, engadget publishes just about anything. :)

ME: Were you surprised Engadget didn't spot your mistakes?
JEFF: To be fair, Engadget actually DID spot most of them.

ME: What was your reaction to the torrent of abuse you received from people much like myself?
JEFF: I expected a number of people to call me out, but what i didn't expect was all the outrageous hatred that ensued. It sort of cracks me up, but at the same time, depresses me a little. I'd rather not be associated with such a bunch of crazies just because i enjoy my mac, and i understand how off-putting it can be to people outside of the cult-of-mac.

ME: Do you plan on carrying on the 'The-Ish Blog'? You could get some serious hits!
JEFF: I didn't originally, but now i think i will. I dont really expect it to do all that well, but i like writing. If just 2 or 3 people end up subscribing to the RSS, i think it'll be worthwhile. :)

ME: Doesn't my site just own? (You can choose not to answer this one!)
JEFF: word. :)

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was Jeff Foster. I wonder how his blog will go... I'll sign up to his RSS feed just to make his day! Perhaps we could affiliate. That would be interesting. Anyway, I'll go back to reviewing products like I usually do now, but it's nice to have the occasional chat and interview someone.


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