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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

September 20 - Apple Leaks

The wolrd of Apple rumours has been fairly quiet since the initial explosion around the Showtime event. But now, the infamous Dinsey CEO, Bob Iger, who was last spotted stage stealing at the showtime event has come up at a conference saying that Apple's iTV may have a built-in HDD. 'It can also stream it live through the box to the TV or it has a small hard drive on it so they can download what you put on the device on your computer, on your iTunes, through the television set.' Looks like Bob blew the cover off Steve's secret weapon heh?

Also, Disney announced that selling their extremely popular movies (mainly Cars) thorugh iTunes, they have already manage to snatch a healthy $1,000,000 USD through the program, exceeding all expectations. This surprised many critics who thought that they wouldn't sell well until the widecreen, touchscreen iPod eventually arrives (if ever).


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