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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

September 20 - Pointless Pressies

If you're like me, and get hundereds of pointless pressies for your birthday and christmas, then you might like what I about to review. Two things in fact. Nothingness, and a panic button for the keyboard. I'll start with the latter.

Arguably the most obvious key on any keyboard, when installed, the Panic Button is a vital - if somewhat pointless - addition to everyone's desk. It doesn't do anything of course, but you feel a lot better having a button to stab at when everything goes wrong whilst updating your blog or working on a webpage. I love the comments on I Want One Of Those for this item. One of them posted by 'G Bush, Washington DC' reads 'I stuck it on the keyboard with the pad provided. When I press it, nothing happens. Do I need special software?'

The second item, is nothing. No, I'm not joking. You can buy a specially packaged nothing, again from I Want One Of Those for £3.49. I dare say that the company making nothing is taking a roaring trade as nothing costs nothing (except packaging) to make! For some odd reason, this product is reccomended by the manufactures as suitable for 'Over 14s only.' This is presumably to avoid dissapointment and inevitable crying from anybody younger. Great present for making people appreciate what they already have!

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