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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

September 20 - X360 HD-DVD

Now that the pricing for Japan has been announced, the world can pretty much predict what the cost of Microsoft's upcoming Xbox 360 HD-DVD Drive will be. As I first predicted on hearing, the HD-DVD addon will be extremely cheap. I thought around $200 a couple of months back at the official release, but the price is looking more like $177 if you choose to convert the Japanese price of it. The pricing was leaked at the company's Tokyo Game Show press conference along with a Japanese release date of November 22. Also new, Microsoft announced that the Xbox 360 christams update will enable 1080P playback, presumably thorugh component (VGA) leads, rather than HDMI. No details are available for elsewhere in the world at the moment, be rest assured, we'll alert you when they do become public.

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