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Thursday, September 21, 2006

September 21 - Bus Hi-Jacking

I won't deny that I was rather shocked today as I got on a bus, (I usually am driven around by my own personal chaufer! Only joking...), and a blaster wielding stormtrooper look-a-like followed me. After pointing the gun to the bus driver, the man inside the constume had his head ripped off, only to reveal a rather sad, obviously single, 40-year old male grinning manickly at the passengers on the bus. It wasn't long before some people got up and threw him off, but the whole thing was quite an ordeal. After some extensive research, I discovered that the well-crafter stormtrooper suit had been made by Shepperton Design Studios, and the bus incident had been part of a trial test of walking round my local town in the suit. The helmet alone costs £300, the body armour £1000. You can pre-order this geekish wonder here, aswell as full details of the failed hi-jacking. Rather amusing really, I'm just glad that my chaufer had taken the day off!

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