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Thursday, September 21, 2006

September 21 - Ferrari 312 Replica

We hear about alot of 'Exact replicas' here at the GTT office, and they're generally impressive 1:16 scale models. It was a great surprise however to hear about Pierre Scerri's 1:3 scale replica of the classic Ferrari 312PB portotype. When we hear of exact, we didn't realise at first that they ment quite this exact. Everything about the working replica is identical 100% to the original, right down to the perfectly engraved key shape (one third of the size of course), the engine (again, one third), the specially made one-third size fuel injection system and the seatbelt buckles. The car is a work of art, and for any kid like myself, is a dream. If you crash this beauty at 100mph though, that's 20,000 hours of manwork lost over a period of 15 years. No selling price has been announced, but we're guessing it'll be more than the car itself was.


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