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Saturday, September 23, 2006

September 22 - Bluetooth Hats

If you're a snowboarder and love to listen to music whilst flying down high peaks at 80mph, this hat is for you. Made by Audex, this ordinace padded hat has an in-built receiver and headphones, meaning that you can be asking your mum to pack you some sandwiches so they can be ready by the time you get to the bottom of the mountain. Bluetooth is great, so why not stick it in a hat? Nice idea, but not exactly the most stylish thing around. Still, I'd wear it. And if like me, you're disappointed that Apple and angelpoise charge you more for black versions of their prodcucts, you'll be glad to hear that you can pick up the black hat for the same amount as the white one. This is essential as dark colours absorb more heat, and at -20 celcius, you need all of the warmth you can get. Pick one up here, from the Motorola Motostore now for $180.

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Blogger Seshi said...

Heh, cool. I wanna go snowboarding sometime ^^

11:54 am, September 23, 2006  
Blogger Delta said...

Yeah! It's soo uberly cool!

12:40 pm, September 23, 2006  

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