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Saturday, September 23, 2006

September 23 - Silver PSP

It's official, there are now photos available that prove the existence of Sony's Silver Concept PSP before it was removed from the line-up at Sony's Tokyo Gameshow. What does this mean now though? Will Sony not be releasing it? It would seem rather odd for them to not do so, as we've already got pictures of a Silver PSP cam, which may I add, is named 'PSP-j15003'. How sexy is that name? But to the point, why did Sony only briefly show the Silver PSP when the others (Blue, Red, Yellow and Camofluage) remain on display the whole time? Maybe we'll never know, but there are rumours that the Sony battery in it exploded. Highly unlikely of course, but with Sony, you can never be sure. So how many colours is that now anyway? Silver, Red, Blue, Yellow, Camoflauge, Pink and original black. That's at least 7. Surely they'll be running out of colours soon!


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