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Sunday, September 24, 2006

September 24 - Kinsington Skype

Today, Kinsington launched their new Skype friendly desktop loudspeaker. A great product for me, as I need to speak to people hands free, while I'm typing my blog for instance. So I can talk easily and be publishing articles as I do it. Great! So I tried out the newly launched Kinsington Vo300 for myself. My verdict, superb! With a great little LCD, I can scroll through my calls history, my saved numbers, or just manually type in a number. A great idea, presented in a great way. Costing only £50 ($95), the Vo300 Skype speakerphone is a bargain. Connect it via USB like the instructions say, and launch Skype to see how well it works for yourself. If hands-free/headset-free isn't your thing, then it's not much wasted. If you never try it though, you won't know what a great gadget you're missing. Essential for any Skype user.

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