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Monday, September 25, 2006

September 25 - PS3 Pricing

Well, with the PS3s price coming down to $429 from the previously stated $515 and HDMI becoming standard on the lower-end model, Sony will be making a loss from selling their consoles. But, with the price they're charging for the games, they'll quickly earn that. It has been suggested by Sony that games will cost anything between $84 and $100! This is a rather large incresase over the Xbox 360's games like Rockstar's Table Tennis which is costing here, in the UK, a measley £15 from HMV. Sony claims that the high pricing will lead to quality games and is due to 'higher than expected development costs'. But this won't be a nice bonus for buyers of Gran Turismo HD, who'll have to buy their cars and tracks separately aswell now, will it? Sony fanboys are overlooking all these negative things and concentrating on the good points. But, then again, what's a fanboy for?


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