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Monday, September 25, 2006

September 25 - Shots Console

The Shots Licquor Console from J.PMeulendijks is the perfect modern (if not slightly pricy) way to hold your top ten favourite licquor or wine bottles. Not strictly technology related, but this drinks holder is most definitely an eye-catcher, that could quite easily rest an iPod stereo and mobile phone dock on top of it, without looking out of place in a geeks home. Apparently, this is also a rather novel way to store magazines, so I could quite easily stick the ten latest issues of in this stand without any problems. But that would only be if I was willing to shell out €800 ($1000 or £500). And quite frankly, no matter how useful and good looking this piece of furniture is, at the end of the day, it's not technology, so you shouldn't be spending this much on it. If it had a built-in weather station, or something cool like that, then I could understand, but as it can't make me a coffee, it can't show the weather, I can't play games on it and no LCD is in sight, no self-respecting geek would actually pay $1k for this. The console is coated in an industrial standard 'No-Scratch, No-Chip' gloss, so at least it won't break the day after you get it. Exclusively available at nu.

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