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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

September 26 - Thinkpad Explosion

More laptops catching fire left right and center, but one man wasn't prepared to let his data go down with him. The moment the man saw smoke spilling from the underneath of his computer, he quickly flipped it upside down and ripped out the battery pack. Making contact with his hand, the flaming battery must have burnt him fairly badly considering the man hurled the battery pack out of the nearest window, leaving it to explode in the middle of his company carpark. From the picture above, you can see that the laptop must have reached a high enough temperature to have succesfuly melt away at the interior of the computer. Here at Globa-Tech, we highly reccomend that you DO NOT attempt to remove a flaming battery, but at the end of the days, it's your typing fingers, not mine. This whole firey battery shirade has been going on for ages now, I'm just hoping that the ordeal will end soon. It can't be that long before a house is burnt down, can it? Click here for an amazing MP4 of what this happened once this laptop's battery had flown out the window. Rather horrific, I think you'd agree. Video and news via The Register.

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