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Thursday, September 28, 2006

September 28 - Asus HD

Asus has once again confirmed it's multi-format presence in the next-gen format war. After previously developing a rather hopeful looking Blu-Ray 5.25" drive for computers, they are now launching their Asus W2P Series laptops which will feature HD-DVD drives. Although not the first of their kind (having previously seen Acer and Toshiba launch HD-DVD laptops), this will go down well with many consumers, with Asus being one of the biggest names in laptop manufacturing. The laptop itself measures 395mm x 290mm x 35mm and weighs in at 3.3kg, meaning that it's not exactly the portable king of the world, but it's features make up for this. Sporting an Intel Core 2 Duo, an HDMI port, 2GB DDR2 533Mhz (Shame it couldn't have been better. Would have been nice to see a 1066Mhz model!) and a Mobility Radeon X1700 Graphics Chip, the PC would make a very good Media Centre PC. No word on pricing yet, but from what we've seen, expect the fans to be fairly noisy.

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