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Thursday, September 28, 2006

September 28 - Geek-a-cycle

For bloggers, being slim and fit isn't exactly a top priority. I however do sports regulary to keep healthy, and was delighted to hear about the Geek-a-cycle from This will hopefully encourage many of you to start exercising. Although this product is undeniably weird, it might be cool enough to sneak into some pro-bloggers workplaces (aka. Their desk/bed/table) It wouldn't fit under mine anyway, but as I said, I get enough exercise. This could be a godsend or a nightmare for many bloggers who all seem divided on this issue. SHould we be allowed to stuff our faces with caffeine-high products and mints all day or should we cycle? I'd love to try the cycling option, but I'm not willing to spend $350 for something that might only prove to annoy me.

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