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Thursday, September 28, 2006

September 28 - Rocket Chocolate

These baby's are probably the reason that Bill Gates never made it through university. At least it would have been if he'd been connected to the internet back then. He's about 90-something now, isn't he? Anyway, as I was saying, these tastebud-tingling sensations are so addictive that the whole jar can be gone without you registering what you're doing. Possibly one of the nicest mint flavoured caffeine sweets available, Rocket Chocolate never ceases to keep you alert and watchful of your surrounding. Perfect for staying up all night and working out why your ship's Hyperdrive seems to have failed you whilst your in the middle of a Klingon war zone. Each individually wrapped rocket contains 150mg of caffeine! 50 mints in a pack. $25. Get them from ThinkGeek now!

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