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Friday, September 29, 2006

September 29 - Black Box

This is just a concept, but Ben-Q seem to be on the right lines here after their Black Box concept was greeted with great enthusiasm in the mobile community. Skashphone, Ubergizmo and many others have already written their own takes on the concept, all with a similar message. 'We love this phone.' And that being about the only thing they can agree on. The black will be a nice touch for the style conscious amongst you and business minded alike. Featuring a touch screen (as pictured), the Black Box clearly has many features. Video playback, contacts list, camera capability, calculator, texting (on a touchscreen? This will be interesting!), phone calls, timer, clock, battery life reader are just a few features that purportedly are bouncing around with the Black Box. If it's ever released, of course more things will be available, so don't worry. That said, research shows that 70% of Brits don't know 50% of the features in their gadgets. That's a rather shameful figure, for a supposedly developing nation. Ben-Q might be facing trouble of their own launching this phone anyway, after Ben-Q Mobile in Germany today announced that they were bankrupt. A great start to a great concept. Stay tuned for more on the upcoming Black Box.

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