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Friday, September 29, 2006

September 29 - Uber Mini Phone

I'm a big fan of small, compact gadgets. But isn't this going a bit too far? This new phone, the Xun Chi 138 is without a doubt, the world's smallest phone. Measuring 670mm and wighing less than 55 grams, the 138 can be seen online here. Barely bigger than a battery and smaller than a bluetooth headset, the phone has no room for buttons so instead has a cool touchscreen and stylus. The phone has an impressive (for it's size) 1.3 megapixel camera and MP3 player built-in. It's a great design and the pictures are great! I'm hoping to see this phone in action soon, but reports suggest that this phone might not ever make it out of Asia. Pitty. I know of some guys in jail who could do with some phones. Perhaps they should've waited. Then they wouldn't have had to shove their phones up their butts then, and wouldn't have been publicy humiliated worldwide. If this phone ever does go English though, be guaranteed that we'll be bringing you one of the first reviews out there.

No word on pricing or a released date yet for anywhere in the world. Looks like a great phone. It's be ashame if it never made it.

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