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Friday, September 29, 2006

September 29 - Vaio Colour?

Is the Vaio C really just a Vaio Colour? Well, no. It's not. Don't think Sony is getting weak in it's laptop line by launching Blush Pink, Spring Green, Seashell White, Expresso Black and Urban Grey themed laptops. The white is beautiful. Trust me, I've seen a concept model. The black is also stunning. It's a deep, real black, not like them greyish looking Xbox 360 Fake Black photos we saw. The grey is nice, kind of silvery really, the green is also nice and compliments the Windows XP Olive Green Theme well. The pink is... Well, pink. Not something I'd want, but my sister tells me that she'd love one, if she could afford it. That said, it's a great value notebook, costing only $1350 (£680). What makes the laptop worth it though, is the fact that in manages to pack quite a hefty punch with it's Intel Core Duo 1.66Ghz Processor. Sporting only a 13.3" screen and not very souped up graphics capabilities, I wasn't impressed with gaming possibilitiies. Come on Sony! You can do better. The laptops supposedly hit the market in October, but with Sony's recent massive recall of batteries, delays are imminent.

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