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Saturday, September 30, 2006

September 30 - Blu-Ray Mashup

After many reports that buyers of Sony's BWU-100A finding that the software provided doesn't actually work and companies still not quite grasping the fact that people won't buy products that don't work, Sony have now released some software for their BWU-100A Blu-Ray drive that should hopefully allow it to now play Blu-Ray commercial discs, which afterall, is what you bought it for isn't it? That was one long sentence. But at least this new software seems to work, providing you have a compatible HDCP compliant graphics card (something I'm very much against, but the world seems to love). Cyberlink have also released an update for LG's Blu-Ray drives aswell, so now all of you (yes, all 5 of you), will now have fully-functionable drives (hopefully). But people, this is Sony. Take everything with a pinch of salt. HD-DVD seems to be faring better again in the HD war, but you all know I'd say that anyway, because I've been back HD-DVD since the start. But seriously, who needs a gazillion gigabytes of storage on a single disc? The only advantage, would be to slap your whole Lord Of The Rings collection onto it.

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