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Saturday, September 30, 2006

September 30 - Folding@Home

Popular amongst many top computer enthusiasts magazines, websites and clans, the internationally famous Stanford University run program, Folding@Home has now got a revmap so it can harness the power of your GPU too! This is extremely good news for both those folders with powerful Radeon X19500XTXs and the University. Hopefully using this technology, the process of folding will be greatly sped up. To give you some example of how fast the increase will be, look at these figures. Intel Core 2 Duo = 25 Gigaflops. ATI Radeon X1900XTX = 375 Gigaflops. And as Vijay Pande rightly says, this is '20 to 40 times more power'. The people over at Stanford University have been very busy recently optimizing the algorithms in the GPU software, which is forecasted to give up to "10 to 15 times" more speed on top of the already amazing GPU performance figures. Currently, only the Radeon X1900 line works, next to have support added will be the X1950 and then the old X1800. No exact date on the release of support for the X1950/1800 but we're hoping it will be some time soon. And again, the world is showing that ATI just is better than Nvidia. You starting to agree with me now?

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