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Friday, September 08, 2006

September 8 - Europe Forgotten

It really does seem as though Europe has been forgotten. First the PS3 delays, now this. Microsoft has announced that their upcoming operating system, 'Vista' is not going to be shipped in Europe for a further several months after 'unclear anti-trust guidelines' layed down by the EU. I'm all for dropping the EU, but Tony Blair appears to have different ideas. This all started when a letter from Steve Ballmer in March arrived on Bill Gates' doorstep, informing him that he believed Vista would be breaching laws which XP broke with it's release. Recently, Microsoft has seen heavy fining from the EU over this matter, and Microsoft clearly doesn't want to pay out, so they're delaying the release. I'm feeling very hhostile towards the EU at the moment, and, who can blame me?


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