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Friday, September 08, 2006

September 8 - Good Vibrations

Yesterday, 4 inmates at a maximum security prison in El-Salvador were found to have smuggled cell-phones and PDAs in up their anal cavities (backsides to those of you who aren't very well informed about such things). How they got them there is still a mystery, but it is believed that before being captured, they pushed them up into each other's butts, but have since been unable to retrieve them. There looks to be a treo up one of their a**es. Wonder if the Wi-Fi still works? Apparently, nine cell phone chips and one charger were also found, wrapped in plastic bags to avoid becoming a new variety of the increasingly popular 'Chocolate colour' phones. Imagaine a brown treo! I imagine their were some dropped calls whil this was all going on, so let's just hope the phones weren't set to vibrate.

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