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Friday, September 08, 2006

September 8 - MKRUPK

The 'Texture Mouse' is an invention that won't exactly change the world, but it will cause some smiles, odd faces and a few laughs. Desgigned by Marimekko, these trendy mice are only available in Japan, but consumer demand else where is growing rapidly, and Marimekko could soon find themselves launching these world wide. The mice all have individual names. Starting with the strawberry design on the left, and moving clockwise, they're named Mansikkavuoret, Kuuma, Ruusupuu, Unikko, Pumiravera and Kukkula. That's MKRUPK when you add the first of each letter together. No, this isn't a joke! Brace yourselves, the texture mice are coming to a work surface near you. If you have any friends with birthday's coming up, and they have a particulaly old, drab PC, buy them one of these even if they ask for something else. They'll either love it or hate it. Pricing unkown, and release date (if any) is also unkown.

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