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Friday, September 08, 2006

September 8 - Wii Update

We already posted earlier today that the Nintendo Wii's release could be pushed forward more than expected, but now MCV claim that they have official confirmation from moles within the company, that the Nintendo Wii will retail for £150 and will be readily available in large quantities on November 24th. The Xbox 360 HD-DVD Drive, the Nintendo Wii and the PS3 will all come in a very short space of time, each hoping to thwarte consumers planning to buy another console. This will porably end up confusing everyone, rather than making people buy the first released. But when people get confused, they generally go for high-quality products, and high-quality always costs more. This could mislead consumers into buying a PS3 more than discourage them. In the UK however, that won't be the case as the PS3 is set to launch in March '07.


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