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Saturday, September 09, 2006

September 9 - Caffeinated Soap

No self-respecting gamer or geek would be caught dead without a full fridge full of high-caffine coke and a pocket stuffed of caffeinated mints. But now, say hello to Shower Shock! The 4 ounce vegetable oil based soap contains 200mg of caffine per scrub. ThinkGeek, the suplier claims that the caffeine in the soap is absorbed through the skin, waking you up to a new day, with energy rushing through you blood stream. Or if hours in front of a monitor has made you hot and sweaty, take a shower, rub on the soap, and keep going all night. If you play 24/7, then this kind of thing is highly reccomended. Shame that no body can confirm that skin does absorb caffine.

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